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The purpose of this form is to discourage the purchase of our product to commit Check Fraud and/or to thwart the use of stolen Credit Cards to purchase our products, as Credit Card Fraud is running rampant. We realize this is an inconvenience, but hope you understand. It is similar to your bank asking for your ID to cash a check if the teller does not know you. We could easily sell these products without any regard to security issues. However, we feel we should do our best to prevent Advantage products from getting into the wrong hands.
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If you prefer to download our customer setup form and fax it to us, click the PDF logo above. Fax to 404-351-0911 or 800-871-3305.

I am interested in purchasing
MICR Toners Standard Toner Cartridges
Check Stock, blank Ink Jet Cartridges
Quicken Checks, pre-printed Laser Printers
Fonts and/or software Other

Company Name:
Ordering Contact:
Street Address (no PO boxes and no Mail Center Addresses, please):
Address 2:
City, State Zip:
Phone Number (no 800's, please):
Fax Number:
Social Security Number:
Name of SSN Holder:

Bank References (complete only if requested)

Contact Name:
Phone Number:
Type of account:
Account Number :
Date Opened:

We will first attempt to verify the business address via business address databases. If we cannot verify the business address, we will verify the owner of the social security number given. If we cannot verify the SSN, we will contact you for further options. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Software Compatibility

I / We will be using  software to produce our checks or drafts.

Thank you!